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Posted Packages

Once the Sales Document is packed and the shipment is Posted, All the package information is moved from Packages to the Posted Packages. The Posted Packages is used for future references and it gives information like:

  • How many packages did the shipment contain?
  • Which package has which Items and their weight and charges?
  • What were the special services requested for this package etc.?

Users can also do the following tasks from Posted Packages.

  • Users can track the package status from the Function menu i.e. Function -> Track Package
  • Reprint the Package labels and International Documents from the Labels option i.e. Package -> Labels
  • ¬†Reprint the International Documents from Labels option i.e. if the shipment has International documents, The user can print them from the last package of shipment.
  • The most important feature of the posted package is, if the user wants to cancel the shipment after posting, then the user has the option from the package menu i.e. Package -> Open

Click on the package No. to open the Posted Package card as shown in the below screenshot: –

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