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The Shipping Analytics form can be accessed from

  • Smart Shipping Menu  -> Shipping Analytics

Below is the screenshot of the Shipping Analytics for the Non-Warehouse: –

Orders to Ship:- This Graph shows the details of the Orders created in Business Central and are ready to process in   Smart Shipping.

FilterWe can apply a Filter and can sort the data.
Data TypeThis is to Filter Requested Shipment Type Orders or Promised Shipment Type Orders.
DateWe can filter the orders by date specifying the particular date in this field.
LocationWe can filter the Orders By location by specifying the location Code in this field.
Grid TypeWe can set the Type of View. Valid values are Scroll View and Paging.

Orders Vs Pending Orders: –These Graphs show the Comparison between the Orders Shipped and orders which are not yet Shipped as shown in the below screenshot: –

Orders to Ship by Carrier: –These Graphs Show the Orders that are not shipped or grouped by carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, ENDICIA, SPEEDEE, and LTL, Others.)

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