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Shipping a package may require many activities like rating packages from different carriers, selecting a carrier, printing the labels and required international documents, shipping, addressing pickup requests, manifesting, and tracking. Multi-Carrier Smart shipping is a solution that provides all of these within a single application and also increases the efficiency and accuracy of the shipping process in a company.

What is Smart Shipping?
VLC Smart Shipping is a multi-carrier innovative shipping platform that optimizes and expedites shipping operations for small package and LTL shipments. Working in tandem with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central it will help your business completely streamline your shipping operations, lower shipping costs, avoid shipping errors, boost efficiency, and trim down labor charges.

Parcel Shipping Carriers – FEDEX, UPS, USPS, SPEEDEE, etc.
LTL Shipping Carriers – FEDEX, UPS, etc.

With Smart Shipping, you establish a single point of execution for all small packages and LTL shipping. (UPS, FedEx, USPS, and SPEEDEE) – You can not only simplify shipping practices but also reduce your overall costs. Smart Shipping works on Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.

Our goal is to help your business run more smoothly, more effectively, and at the lowest possible cost. For this reason, Smart Shipping also integrates with scales and packaging material handling. This means extracting additional value out of the existing fulfillment automation investments while enabling customer orders to flow from the time of capture to delivery without any manual intervention.

The following are the advantages of Smart Shipping:

Integrate with Business Central – Ready to ship Sales Orders in Business Central can be processed from the Smart Shipping in seconds with a few easy shortcuts or mouse clicks.

Reduce Shipping errors – Common errors in shipping processes like wrong shipping address, wrong products, etc. will be eliminated as the shipping data is integrated directly from the Business Central application.

Compare Shipping rates – Shipping Costs are minimized as the provider with the least shipping costs can be selected from the shipping quotes (Rate Shop) provided by different carriers, both small packages, and LTL.

Track Status directly from Sales Documents – Provides easy access to track the package directly from the sales documents.

International Shipping – Processing of International Shipments is made easy as the required information like Schedule B, Producer, etc. is automatically pulled from Business Central.

Automated Label and Document printing – The Shipping Labels and documents are automatically received and sent to the assigned printers.

Address Verification– Verify Address is provided in both Business Central and Smart Shipping so that errors and surcharges are minimized. Provides multi-package with combined multiple packages of a shipment.

Identical and Multi-Package Shipments – Processing identical packages is made easy as any number of identical packages will be processed automatically by just mentioning the shipment count and processing the first package as Identical. Provides multi-package functionality to bind all the packages of a shipment.

Reprint Labels – Labels and Documents can be re-printed any number of times as they are saved in Business Central.

Integration with Endicia
Currently, we are offering UPS, FedEx, SPEEDEE, USPS, ENDICIA, UPS LTL, and FedEx LTL shipping services from our Smart Shipping. To enable US postal services to our existing and new customers, we have integrated the Endicia web services into our application like invoking the Label Request web service when the US Postal package is processed.

Customers will register for a new Endicia account and will be using Smart Shipping for processing US Postal shipments.

New functionality for Endicia-specific tasks such as Buy Postage, and Change Passphrase, have been added in the Smart Shipping.

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